Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine's Musing

No matter how old your kids get, they are still your babies and sometimes continue to act that way. Even if you did not give birth to them!

I guess a little explanation is needed at this point. As most of you know Jessica is my biological daughter. Lewis, her boyfriend (and love of her life as Jessica tells you, see sidebar) has lived with our family since 2006. His dad is deceased and his mom was unable to care for him at the time, so he came to live with us and we had custody of him until he graduated from high school in 2007. For those that know me, Lewis is not the first teenager to join our family. I pretty much have an open door policy when it comes to teenagers in need. He is in fact the third, but more about that on a future post.

Getting back to this morning. I am at work (it is tax time people!!!) and in walks Jessica and Lewis, clutching a long stemmed pink rose and a box of candy. The candy was actually given to me yesterday by my husband, Butch, when Jessica and I went to visit him in the facility that he lives in. One of the dear staff members knew that we were coming and knew that Butch would want to be able to give me something for the holiday, and a lovely, heart shaped box of Russell Stover candies were awaiting me. On the front of the box was a small picture of the assorted candies. The kids proceeded to laugh about them regifting the candy and then Lewis looks at me and said “I really want that piece of candy, it looks so good!” pointing to the picture on the box.

What else is a good mom to do???? I promptly opened the box and gave him his desired piece of candy. Kids, you gotta love em!!!!

Stay tuned, more blogging coming this afternoon. I promise!

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