Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Dewey Decimal System

I guess I have my greatest thoughts about my blog when I am either going to sleep at night or upon wakening in the morning. As I was laying in bed this morning think about my blog post last night it kind of hit me that I don't have to tell my story with Butch all at once, I can tell it bit by bit.

The reason that I named this post the Dewey Decimal System is that I was thinking about different memories that I wanted to post about it. As I was pausing over the different memories and then shelving them, I was thinking about the old card system in the library. As those of us with a little age on us knows, when you used to go to the library you would pull out the long wooden boxes with the little cards set up for each book. You could pull the card and see the title of the book, the author, what the book was about and where it was located in the library.

I guess I was doing the same with my memories. Thinking about them, remembering a little more and then putting the memory back for another. I realized I don't have to tell the story all at once, I can do it a little at a time. I love blogging because it has made me think of so many things that I had not thought about in forever and ever. I constantly find myself making little notes so that I can blog about it at a later date. Now, the key is to do it. I promise a memory post is coming soon.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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