Monday, February 9, 2009

I Got A Comment!!!

Thank you to my online fellow blogger SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem for my very first comment.

She was discussing on her blog today how she needed more readers and I left her a comment about FINALLY setting up my own blog. She visited mine, hence the comment. I will certainly link to her blog and maybe, just maybe I too will one day have readers and they will see her link. Now for the hard part, someone please explain to me how to do links!! I feel so dumb when it comes to making my blog my own. I know I can come up with many posts (at least I can in my head) but I want my blog to be "tricked out" as the Progressive chick says. So???? Anyone out there that can maybe help me do this????

Now, onto more about what I want for my blog. I do want to discuss things that are happening in the present but I also want to blog about memories of the past. See, I realized over the past year especially that our memories change and fade over time. I want to put my memories down in this blog, memories of my grandparents, my life, special anecdotes that I can blog about and perhaps one day have my daughter read them and learn about times and people that are many years gone but never forgotten.

To end on a completely different note though here is a link for a site that my daughter somehow found. It certainly gave me a laugh. Maybe it will give any readers here a laugh as well.
All I can say is my dad didn't come to my wedding but he would have whupped my butt if I had even wore something as horrible as this. Of course on the home page of this site is the super duper redneck style wedding attire of blaze orange and camo. That he would have probably understood being the Number One hunter that he is. He would have loved the wedding cake topper of the doe and deer head. Yes, my fathers side of the family is quite the rednecks. Needless to say, I will never run out of things to blog about when it comes to that branch of the family tree.

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  1. When you are composing your post in blogger, run your mouse over the words that you want to turn into a link to highlight them. Then, click the little button that looks like a chain. It will bring up a box to type the address of the page you want to link to. Then just press ok or whatever it says, and your hyperlink should be in place.