Friday, August 7, 2009

Too Good Not to Pass Along

I know, it seems like the last several posts have nothing to do with us and everything to do with links to other sites, but I promise this one is too good not to pass along.

It all started with an email of pictures that my mom forwarded to me. It was of different things that had been jury rigged up, we've all seen messes like these before. I noticed on the bottom of all the pictures it said "There, I fixed it" so I thought these must have come from a site. I googled "There, I fixed it" and discovered this site. Of course, I had to take the time and start looking and lo and behold, I found a picture that almost caused me to spit my tea across the desk and pee my panties at the same time. I won't post the picture itself on the blog, because you never know who's looking over your shoulder but go here and look closely.

I promise you if you are having a bad day, it WILL get better. If this doesn't make you laugh, then nothing will!!! You are hopeless!!!

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