Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some Real Life Pics

Here are a couple of new pics that Jessica took this weekend while over at Lewis' brothers house of his brothers new baby Aaydon and his niece, Kaitlyn.

Here is Jessica, Kaitlyn and Aaydon with Kaitlyn doing her "MySpace" girlie pose.

Gosh, in a few more years this could be Lewis and Jessica with their kids! They are so good with Lewis' niece and nephew.

Ignore the tape on Lewis' glasses. He just got a new pair about three months ago and already a tree limb crashed into them and broke them. Luckily, we found out about a new website that we can get glasses from inexpensively and we can also get prescription safety goggles for Lewis to wear to work. I guess this is going to one of Lewis' birthday presents.

This one is my favorite. She has one in black and white like this of Kaitlyn on her shoulder at about the same age. It blows me away some of the pictures that she manages to take of herself.

Little ones grow so fast. It's wonderful all of the technology that we now have to be able to record things to have and look back at in the future.

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