Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I got an "A"!!

I just finished my first online test and I got 46 out of 48 correct which is an "A"!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! As if all of the exclamation points are for nothing. I am seriously doing a happy dance right this minute. Jessica can hardly stand me. I was sooooo worried but after the 10 total hours of studying Chapter One what could one expect? I was given an hour to complete the test and I completed it in NINE minutes. I don't think I can complain. My background knowledge did help and not hurt as I was afraid of.

New word of the day - Eponym - the name of a person, whether real or fictitious, after which a particular place, tribe, era, discovery, or other item is named or thought to be named. Example: Binswangers Disease is an eponym as it is named after Otto Binswanger.

I guess my readers are just gonna have to learn right along with me. Welcome to my world.

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