Monday, August 17, 2009

A Rainy Wednesday

Yes, this is the road, not a lake. Look closely at the lower, middle right of the picutre and you can faintly see the double, yellow lines.

Going in to our neighborhood.

Intersection of Elmhurst and Hodges Ferry Rd.

Last week on Wednesday our area got hit with some massive rain storms. It took Jessica two hours to get home from Downtown Portsmouth when it usually takes about fifteen minutes. Luckily, her friend Brenna, had a Tahoe and offered to drive Jessica as her little Nissan Sentra would have been underwater. Here are a few pictures that Jessica took of our neighborhood on her way home. According to the reports 3-6 inches of rain fell between 4-6PM. What a mess!!! Here is a newslink for more info. All of these pictures were in our neighborhood. The last time we had rainfall like this it was followed up by Hurricane Isabel which hit and left us without power for nine days and Isabel was barely a Category One storm!!! Now I see Hurricane Bill is out there and I hope that it turns and goes out to sea and spares our region.

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