Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes, we are still here!!!

My gosh!! I didn't realize that better than a week had went by without posting. I left and went to the mountains last Wednesday night and got back Monday afternoon. It was wonderful and quite relaxing. I did nothing but sleep, read, do sudoku and relax. Never cut on a TV, although the radio was playing in the background, didn't look at a computer(I did have internet if I had wanted it), just did NOTHING!!! I think sometimes nothing is a good thing. We all need time to get away and recharge. I need to do this more often. I need to make it a priority, no matter what. I think as mothers, we tend to put everyone else first and next thing you know you are feeling frustrated, used, and under appreciated. I know I get that attitude way more than I should and the main reason I do is because I have the bad habit of saying yes when asked to do something and then it causes resentment, which festers like a sore and when things get too much, I tend to blow my cool over something very trivial and insignificant. Then I look like a crazed monster. Note to self: say no and quit feeling guilty when you do. You can't do it all.

Ah, what else is new? Well, my dad is a new father to five baby turkeys! Yes, my brother, Scott, and I have siblings that are non-human. We have our brother, Brownie the Burro, .but now there are five newly hatched baby turkeys, all with the name of Peeper. A local woodcutter knows that my dad is animal crazed and was cutting down some trees and found a turkey nest. The mother left because of all the noise and falling trees, and the woodcutter hated to see the eggs just get abandoned so he brought my dad the dozen turkey eggs and Clyde(my dad) broke out the incubator in the living room and last Friday five of the eggs hatched. Now, if he peeps while he is in the kitchen, they raise their little heads and peep back. Yes, they are in the living room and probably will be for another week or at least until he can add on to the existing turkey pen so it will be safe for his "babies". It looks like "The Number One Turkey Hunter" is now "The Number One Turkey Dad"!! Shhhhh!! Don't tell anybody, I wouldn't want to spoil his reputation. BTW, Brownie may look like a donkey, but if you say that you get your birthday money yanked by my dad, so humour us please and use his spanish name which is burro. Brownie and my dad also send out Christmas cards with their photo inside. Funny, I never remember him taking Scott or myself to go see Santa and have our pictures taken but he sure does Christmas pictures for Brownie. Our cards are even signed "Love Clyde and Brownie". Go figure.....

I was thinking about my last post and Jessicaisms and a few more popped into my head while Jessica and I were discussing one of her friends toddlers who broke out with the Chicken Pox. Jessica was 16 months old when she contracted a horrific case of them. She was covered everywhere and I had to let her run around naked because her poor little body couldn't stand to have clothes touch the spots. She was so funny and she called them "pops" and she would tell everyone that she had "Chicken Pops". Of course, that was once she got past the stage where they were catching, she still looked pitiful though. I need to dig up a pic of her with them. I remember while she had them we went on vacation to Duck, NC down at the Outer Banks and being out in the sun at the beach really helped them clear up. Some other Jessicaisms was "hairpoo" for shampoo as in "Please don't put hairpoo in my hair right now" and "Can I please have some lipchap" instead of chapstik. She also called pumpkins "pogos" for some reason. She was excited during the Halloween of 1991 to go to the "pogo patch". Gosh, and while typing this I realized that it will be 20 years ago tomorrow that I found out that I was pregnant with Jessica. I think that was the best birthday present that I ever recieved!

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