Monday, March 23, 2009

Your Prayers Are Needed

I know that Monday posts are usually reserved for Not Me Monday's but today in honor of MckMamma we will not be posting, we will be praying.

My mother Janice and I have been following a blog called My Charming Kids for some time now. It's ran by MckMamma and talks about her everyday life and her beautiful Many Small Children (MSC). Although we have never met MckMamma or even spoken to her, just reading her blog you get the feeling that you know her. Her youngest son, Stellan aka MckMuffin, was diagnosed with SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) in the womb and was not expected to live. A few short months later Stellan was born and was healed and healthy. This morning while checking MckMamma's blog we were devistated to find out that poor little Stellan is back in the hospital with heart rates close to 300. Now like I said before, we don't personally know MckMamma but just reading that baby Stellan is sick and in the hospital made me cry. So now we need your help. Please, if you read this, I am begging that you pray for little Stellan. Pray that God will help Stellan again as he did while he was in the womb. Pray that Stellan will take a turn for the better before the doctors are forced to put Stellan on a ventilator. Also, please pray for MckMamma and Prince Charming, as well as her other MSC. Please pray that their family does not have to loose baby Stellan.


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