Friday, January 29, 2010

To My Darling Daughter, Jessica

Twenty years ago this morning was, and will forever be, the best day of my life. It was the day that you, my precious daughter Jessica, were born. Everyone that knew your daddy and I, knew that today was the day that we had dreamed of ever since we first met. You were the catalyst that brought us together. Our hopes of a future, with children, was our dream from the beginning.

I remember the evening that your dad and I first discussed children. We were not even dating. We were just friends. He was telling me how much he loved babies, and how he had always wanted one. He felt that it was something that would never happen for him. I remember looking at him and saying, “If we were together, we would have had several by now”. That my darling, was the day that I think he saw me in a new light. Soon after, we began to date.

You are everything that we could have ever hoped and wished for and more. I look at you, and I see so many others in you, that make up who you are today. When you are shy, I see my dad, your Grandfather Clyde. Your habit of doing things immediately, and not procrastinating comes from Nanny (my mom). Your patience, from your Me-Maw (Butch’s mom), and of course your stubbornness, from both sides of the family. You got that quite honestly. Sometimes, that is a good thing.

From the moment I first peered into your eyes, you were everything that I ever wanted in life. My darling daughter, daddy and I love you and will always love you. No matter what the future brings, please be secure in that knowledge. You have made all of our dreams come true.

We love you Jessica,
Mom and Dad


  1. This is such a special post. I hope you and your family had an amazing day celebrating your daughters birthday!

    Director of Blogger Networks

  2. What a lovely thing to read. :-)

    I was thinking about you, Janice, and decided I better come see how you are instead of just wondering. Hope the nose is doing better and thanks for sharing such a sweet thing about your daughter. She's a much-loved girl, that's obvious.

  3. Thanks for the comments on my blog! I love comments so much. I deleted the last one though, because it mentioned BBC and I didn't want people I know IRL following me there. I'd love to work at other living history museums like your cousin, it'd be a blast!

  4. Janice, how have you been?