Monday, November 30, 2009

How Can One Truly Study.....

When their cat is intent upon helping? When I am at home my cat, Tommy, is somewhere close by. When I go to bed at night, he is either on my pillow being a pig, with his paw touching my face, or under the covers fighting with the dog on who gets to sleep closest to me.

When I study, he is right besides me, or on my lap trying to push my book out of my way, or trying to sit on the laptop. Tonight he kept trying to grab my pen with his mouth and yank it out of my hand.

Notice his paw on my arm.....

You just can't get any closer than this!

Right now he is draped over my shoulder. Crazy cat!!!


  1. Aww, what a sweet kitty! Mine likes to drape herself across my arms when I sit down with the laptop in my lap. Makes it a little difficult to type! It's all part of their world domination plan. If we weren't the ones with thumbs, we'd be in trouble! :)

  2. aww, he's just too cute. Remind me of my sweetie Leo who got lost five years ago, he was just sweet as your kitty is. Anyway, we still have a cat (Leo's sister) who adore to sit right on my hand (when I'm at my pc), forcing me to surf with my left hand, which is -believe me- quite difficult >_<