Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Second Medical Terminology Test

It is almost 1AM and I just finished my second medical terminology test. I got a "B" of which I'm not thrilled. Oh well, I will just study harder for this next week. This test covered terms pertaining to the body as a whole. I was expecting more about the different areas but the at least fifty percent of the test was on the positional and directional terms such as ventral, dorsal, distal and how different organs are situated against others in the body. I think I probably studied more about the body cavities, quadrants, divisions of the back and that type of deal. Live and learn. A "B" is a good grade but alas it is not an "A". I still have not received a grade for my discussion post for my womens studies class. I want an "A" so badly after seeing the lame posts that preceded mine. After reading many of the posts I wanted to shout out "for gosh sakes people, at least use the spell check". I know I don't get every little thing right but at least I try my best.

Enough for tonight. I'm off to bed and will be posting my discussion tomorrow evening for the second week of the womens studies class.

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