Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's late and I'm eating a ham sandwich...

Here I am again, 1:01AM eating a ham sandwich and drinking a Coors Light. What a girl!! I just finished my Chapter 5 exam in medical terminology and I got a 98. Whew!! I sweated that one. Took the quiz earlier in the night and made an 87 and freaked out. That is just not acceptable. Went back over everything, and considering that this chapter was on the digestive system that was a lot! Think of everything from the mouth to the end(I'm trying to say this nicely here) and you've got the digestive system. Damn!! It's just too much stuff. I was about in tears and my friend, Kathy, called and she kind of put things into perspective. As she said, an 87 is nothing to complain about so I went ahead and dived into the exam. It was much easier for the most part and I pretty much sailed through it. Geez! I just peeked at Chapter 6 and it is more of the digestive system and additional suffixes. I can't believe there could be more. My head hurts! I already have in excess of 600 note cards with medical terms, prefixes and suffixes. I hate to see my stacks of note cards by the end of this course. I already feel like whenever I get a minute, I'm flipping those cards and quizzing myself. Enough of that for the night. I can't think about anymore right this minute. Part of me wants to just dive right into the next chapter but I don't think I should. I would be up for the rest of the night. Not a good idea since I have to work tomorrow.

I did have a pretty nice weekend. I made from scratch cinnamon rolls and they turned out pretty good. I got the recipe from Our Best Bites and it was much easier than I anticipated. I had not made any type of bread in forever. When Jessica was little, I used to do that kind of thing quite often, but anymore I just don't find the time or I know that Jessica can't eat it(she has now lost 72lbs)and I don't want to tempt her. I so enjoy cooking but I much prefer the enjoyment of watching someone eat something that I have made. I guess I'm like my dad that way, all of his animals are on the chunky side(let's be honest, they are obese)and for some reason I equate food with love. I have pictures but have not downloaded them to the computer. I will try to post them if I ever get them uploaded. Fat chance, huh?????

Butch was transferred back to the facility on Friday from the hospital. It took them(the doctors) a while to get his clotting time back up again but it finally got to where it needed to be and he was released. Hopefully, things will stay quiet there, at least for a little while. His birthday is coming up on October 1 so I'm trying to decide how to work out a visit on his birthday. Jessica and I talked about it and I know he loves his weekend visits but I can't do a visit this weekend and then turn around and go back on Thursday for his actual birthday. I think we are just going to go down that day and take him out for dinner. Hopefully he will be okay with that. Plus I have my midterm exam due by the 3rd so that will give me all of this coming weekend to study without having to break up my concentration time. I know that sounds terribly bitchy but I have to put my classes first. This is going to be my livelihood and I have to keep that in the forefront of my mind. He was my priority for a very long time and I'm not saying he isn't now, but I am going to have to put myself first and sometimes as a mom and wife that is hard to do.

I did find out my last grade on my womens studies class which was an "A". So, I have an "A" average in that class, an "A" average in medical terminology and my English class will start a week from tomorrow. Two weeks after that my Developmental Psychology class starts. I just want to get ahead in the Medical Terminology class and the womens studies class so that I don't stress too much when these begin. Okay, I'm even laughing at myself right now. I already sit down and study everyday as it is. I can't imagine loading the next two classes on top. I will do it though. Ten more weeks, ten more weeks, just keep repeating that. It's a shame that I'm already counting down toward the end of the semester. I'm not in rush for it, because then Christmas will be staring us in the face and I don't even want to think about that. (Hint!!! If anyone reading this wants to give me a gift, I really, really want Lowes gift cards. This is for my mom and anyone that wants an idea, not for any readers otherwise. I don't need more stuff, I want Lowes gift cards for future home improvement projects)

I did get a nice surprise from our electric company today. I got my bill and when I opened it, it read $0.00 balance due. I couldn't believe my eyes, and when I started looking closer, apparently at some point I had to have a deposit and I guess some benevolent god decided to look down upon me and thought that I sure could use that money. So, the deposit was applied to the credit and I even have an extra $96 to go toward next month. That was wonderful as I have taxes due on the house and I was sweating that one a little. Now that I don't have an electric bill, the taxes will be much easier to swallow. Death and taxes, that never ending saga.......you just can't escape either one.

Look for a post on either Wednesday night or Thursday. This weeks discussion paper is on "How do beauty norms affect women and men differently? How have beauty norms affected you?". Should make for an interesting topic. Any comments from any readers in advance is certainly appreciated. I have some thoughts of my own but additional input is always nice. Plus, I just get all excited anytime that I see a comment. It's a nice feeling to know that someone out there is reading. I try to comment on those blogs that I read as well. I also enjoy "meeting" new people. I know that I have readers from my sidebar, but I'm still a comment crazed person. Just can't help it. I'm going to try to go to bed and sleep. Wish me luck!!

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